20-25 Iron Coblyns @ Nanawa Mines

How to get there:
Getting to Nanawa Mines:
 - Run North after exiting Ul'dah, follow the path to coordinates column 25 and then just head straight North. Then head North-East from there to map coordinate 27, 20. The entrance will be marked on your map already. The trip doesn't take long at all.
- Can also teleport to Black Brush if not in the Thanalan region, then head North as described above.
Once inside:
- Head North past to the Aetheryte Gate, using your map to guide you through the tunnels. There are two puk camps, as identified above.

* Once inside Nanawa Mines, head North to the Aetheryte so you can return there in case your party doesn't have Raise. The walk to Ul'dah when you are finished is very short, so there is no reason not to set your Return point here.
* If you decide to roam away from the Aetheryte area, you might run into aggressive Jumping Djiggas. You can kill these, but they are slightly more difficult mobs.
* This is a less desired alternative to the Puk camps also in Nanawa Mines.

Target mobs:

Primary: Iron Coblyn
* Non-Aggressive
* Look retarded
* No real TP moves to note.

Did you drag your party out to Nanawa Mines for Puks just to find out there's a group in both camps? Unlikely, but if so, then you could try the Iron Coblyns around the Aetheryte Gate. They actually spawn all over the Nanawa Mines map, and as you level, you could have your party roam to avoid downtime. After a handful of levels, though, these just don't spawn fast enough in a tight enough area to be worthwhile.

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