20-28 Cellar Puks @ Nanawa Mines

How to get there:
Getting to Nanawa Mines:
 - Run North after exiting Ul'dah, follow the path to coordinates column 25 and then just head straight North. Then head North-East from there to map coordinate 27, 20. The entrance will be marked on your map already. The trip doesn't take long at all.
- Can also teleport to Black Brush if not in the Thanalan region, then head North as described above.
Once inside:
- Head North past to the Aetheryte Gate, using your map to guide you through the tunnels. There are two puk camps, as identified above.

* Once inside Nanawa Mines, head North to the Aetheryte so you can return there in case your party doesn't have Raise. The walk to Ul'dah when you are finished is very short, so there is no reason not to set your Return point here.
* If you goto the Northwest Puk camp, then you will have to go past several aggressive bombs. This can be (hopefully) avoided by taking the West detour. Most of the time you can get through with only one or two bombs aggroing you as you run North. Just run till they return to their territory. This will save some time and deaths for lower level players.
* In addition to Puks on the bridges, there are many on the nearby paths. When you outpace the Puks on the bridges, move to the paths to reduce downtime while you wait on respawns.
* Be careful of the aggressive Skeleton Swordbearers & Magicked Bones in nearby rooms on the paths around the Puk camps. They are a harder to take down than the Puks, with some of them going as high as level 39.
* Very quick EXP/SP. The Puks go down fast even are early levels.

Target mobs:

Primary: Cellar Puk
* Non-Aggressive
* Squishy
* If you are fighting the Puk at melee range and it starts doing a TP move, try to move around to it's backside. You have to do this quickly to be able to avoid taking damage, but it's worth trying.

Secondary: Will-o'-the Wykes
* Aggressive
* Needs to be taken out ASAP so it doesn't use it's TP move often or cast enfeebles like Burn.

Good camp. Once you get here, you can pretty much mindlessly grind for hours. Don't be in a huge hurry to leave camp just because SP rewards drop. Chasing big numbers is silly when you are easily killing mobs and getting great SP/hour.

I have received reports of people partying on these up to around Rank 30, but I would personally opt for a change of pace after 28 or so and goto Toto-Rak. I personally brought my Rank 32 Marauder out to solo a Rank 30 Puk and got 142 EXP and 57 SP.

As mentioned above, the Cellar Puks are very squishy. Provided you have enough accuracy to land melee attacks, they'll go down after your DDs get enough TP. Be sure to tank them with the Puk pointed away from your mages and to try to sidestep their TP move. Not much else needs to be said.

There will be random Will-o'-the Wykes that spawn in the Puk camps. When you see one, just zerg it down as quickly as possible. They are aggressive and pretty much unavoidable, but a party killing Puks should not have an issue killing them when they spawn.

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Falen Angelis said...

Great camp spot! But the Wykes are aggressive. Best tactic is to go to end and kill all enemies towards the end of the walk, using the enemies from the middle when necessary.

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