14-20 Dodos @ Near Camp Skull Valley

How to get there:
 - Just head West of Camp Skull Valley.

* Great EXP at the lower end of these levels, and simply risk-free, steady EXP later on. Towards level 20, you will be getting around 100-150 EXP per Dodo on average, which might be quicker EXP than spamming level 10 leves if you are solo.

Target mobs:

Primary: Dodo
* Non-Aggressive
* Performs Rancid Belch, which can give you random status effects including Blind, Paralyze, Sleep, and Slow.

Pretty straight-forward camp. Originally, this area was home to 5-8 dodos at a time, but Square reduced the number down to just 2, neutering the ability for this camp to anything more than a very small party. Even in the higher teens, a soloer will usually always have one dodo left to kill, so there won't be too much downtime. A larger group will be standing around bored.

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