7-12 Moiling Moles & Stuffed Dodos

How to get there:
 - Run North after exiting Uldah, follow the path to coordinates column 25 and then just head straight North. You can't miss the Moles. The Dodos are just North of there
- Can also teleport to Black Brush if not in the Thanalan region.

* Very quick EXP/SP at low levels.

Target mobs:

Primary: Moiling Moles
* Non-Aggressive
* Run away to avoid it's following attack when it buries itself in the ground.

Secondary: Stuffed Dodos
* Non-Aggressive
* Will Sleep you

This is a great camp that is over in no time. The EXP/SP you can gain is fantastic, especially at first, when you'll get upwards of 2K EXP off of each mob. You can easily solo, duo, trio or party here. New players should definitely use this camp to grind all of their classes to 10-14 to gain access to early abilities.

The moles are a fairly easy mob. Their one attack to note is when they bury themselves in the ground. Just run away a short distance to avoid them when they resurface, since they come back up and hit anyone in range. If you are soloing, bring Stoneskin or Shock Spikes and a curing ability and you should be fine.

When you get to the point that you are clear out the moles too fast, then hit up the Stuffed Dodos just North East of the mole camp. Their worst ability is putting you to sleep. Otherwise just straight tank them.

The EXP/SP could potentially last you through to 20, though I have not tested this yet myself. If so, you could potentially stay here, hit up Uldah for new gear at 20, and then party on the mobs inside the nearby Nanawa Mines.


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