30-39 Young Raptors @ Camp Iron Lake

How to get there:
- Since this camp is so far out from Limsa, the preferred method is to simply teleport to Camp Iron Lake. Alternatively, you can go to Camp Bloodshore if no one has access to Iron Lake.
- Once at Came Iron Lake, there are three camps you can goto:
  -Lower Rank parties might want to start at the first camp in the North-West. These raptors are lower level than the other two camps.
  -If you have no problem clearing those out, then hit up the 2nd camp, to the South-West of Iron Lake. There are a lot of spawns here and they can support a great full party.
  -If the South-West camp is taken, then travel South-East of Camp Iron Lake. The raptors are the same level as the South-West camp, but there are much more spread out. If you are okay with a little bit of traveling in between clearing clusters, it's an okay alternative.

* Lots of spawns.
* This is a great camp.

Target mobs:

Primary: Young Raptor
* Aggressive
* Foul Breath hurts. Keep Shell up!

Great camp. This is another one of those camps that will make you go "WOW" at the EXP/SP you get per mob, especially after the stingy camps in the 20s. The only thing that makes this camp better is that you can stay here for the majority of your 30s, with some people stating they stayed even longer (around 44 in a duo/trio).

The Raptors aren't too bad. Keep Shell up for Foul Breath. That's about it.

If you goto the South-East camp, just avoid the Biasts to the South.

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