30-39 Ixali Fencers @ Camp Glory Ixali Fortress

How to get there:
- Head to Camp Glory (probably by Teleport) and then travel South-West. Pretty straight-forward with no aggro on the way there.

* Lots of spawns.
* This is a great camp.

Target mobs:

Primary: Ixali Fencer
* Aggressive
* Fairly evasive, has an Evasion buff.

Great camp. There are no other aggressive mobs nearby. You need someone with some method of pulling mobs at a distance. The Ixali give great EXP/SP. Just bring enough firepower to take them down in a quick fashion.

I'd recommend having 2 melees with Disorient set, as it lowers the mob's evasion. You want to stack that up on top of each other for good effect. Melees can also use Still Precision to increase their own accuracy. Obviously, accuracy food would help here in the lower 30s.

This camp could probably support 1-2 parties in the lower 30s and only 1 party in the mid to higher 30s.

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