28-35 Ravenous Billygoat @ Near Camp Broken Water

How to get there:
- Head to Camp Broken Water and then head North and North West towards map coordinates 41, 36. The goats will spawn near a bridge on 3 different levels near each other. Sometimes slightly inside of the cave.

* If your party is feeling ballsy, you can always kill some Pus Gnats between pops. Make sure you cast Shell because they use a fun Thunder cone-shaped attack that will rape your HP.
* This is an OK camp, but nothing spectacular.

Target mobs:

Primary: Ravenous Billygoat
* Non-Aggressive
* Fairly safe fights.
* A knock-back TP move.

Secondary: Pus Gnat
* Aggressive
* Can kill you
* Will vanish and warp around your party, then cast a painful Thunder cone-shaped spell.

Not a great camp, but one that will get you some gradual, safe EXP/SP. I think a party average level 30 can average above 10,000 SP/hour here.Unless other camps are crowded, I can't think of a reason to travel way out here for mediocre, safe SP. In my most recent party, we ran out of Goats often and lost TP.

As described above, if you run out of Goats and feel like it, you can kill the Pus Gnats.

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